Course Outline

Grand Bahama Workshop. Friday August 24th and Saturday August 25th 9am to 5pm

Ministry of Education Training Center, Ground Floor, Cornelius A. Smith Building, The Mall Drive, Freeport.

2 days, Movie Making Workshop

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE - Resource Filmmaking



08:58am         Opening Prayer

09:00am         Welcome & Introduction

09:05am         Understanding the Hollywood System

09:25am         Clearances, Legal, Residuals

09:30am         Production Insurances

09:35am         Finance, Co-Productions, Pre & Foreign Sales, Ancillary, Product Placement, Publicity,   Premieres & Marketing

09:45am         Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for Distribution, Prints & Advert (P & A)

09:50am         Distribution - Theatrical, VOD, Ancillary & Foreign Markets & Film Festivals 

09:55am         Unions: WGA, DGA, PGA, SAG/AFTRA, IATSE & Teamsters

10:00am         BREAK

10:05am         Script Breakdown

10:30am         Story Boards & Shot Lists

10:35am         Locations, Locations Scouting & Technical Scouting

10:40pm         BREAK OUT SESSION to identify great movie locations

10:50am         The Movie Budget: Above the Line (ATL) & Below the Line (BTL)

11:15am         The Movie Shooting Schedule & Day Out of Days (DOD)

11:45am         Creating Production Value for your movie

12:00pm         LUNCH

12:30pm         Protecting the script (Screenplay) & Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

12:45pm         Writing a Marketable Script (Screenplay)-(BMOC) Beginning, Middle, Obstacle, Climax - Story form

02:25pm         BREAK

02:30pm         BREAK OUT SESSION to write a Movie Screenplay

05:00pm         END



08:58am         Opening Prayer

09:00am         Recap of Day 1

09:10am         Pre-Production & Paperwork

09:30am         The Film Crew 

09:40am         Casting Talent & Auditions

09:55am         Cameras & Sensor, Aspect Ratio, PL Mount, Frame Rates & Resolution

10:00am         BREAK

10:05am         Digital Media Storage & RAW Format

10:10am         Prime Lenses, Matte Boxes, Filters, White Balance, Color & Test Charts

10:20am         Production Sound, Audio Mixers, Shotgun Mic, Lav's, Time Code & Digital Camera Slates

10:30am         Set Lighting, Gels, V Mount vs Gold Mount, Electrical & Grip

10:50am         Camera Cranes, Dollies, Sliders, Stabilizers, Drones and Fluid Heads & Tripods

11:00am         Underwater, Camera Housing & Cinematography

11:10am         Production Vehicles, Cast Trailers, Tents, Tables & Chairs

11:15am         Catering, Craft Service & 2nd Meals Allowance

11:20am         Communications on Set, Wireless HD Video Transmission, Monitors & Video Assist

11:25am         Set Design, Construction & Set Decoration

11:30am         Cast (Talent) & Background Extras Rehearsal & Blocking

12:00pm         LUNCH

12:30pm         Framing and Composing the Shot

12:35pm         Cutaways and Close-ups

12:40pm         Green Screen, Blue Screen & Chroma Key

12:45pm         Directing the Script, the Cast & the Crew

01:00pm         Shooting a Feature film (life on set)

01:30pm         Production Stills & Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

01:35pm         Stunts, Special Effects, Visual Effects & CGI

01:40pm         Continuity

01:50pm         Catering & Craft Service

01:55pm         Make Up & Hair

02:00pm         Wardrobe

02:05pm         BREAK

02:10pm         Production Reports, Script Reports, Camera report & Edit Log

02:20pm         Production Wrap

02:30pm         Editing, Color Correction & Software

02:35pm         Music, Music Scoring, Audio Dialogue Replacement (ADR) & Foley

02:45pm         Film Lab Work, Titles & The Movie Trailer

03:00pm         BREAK OUT SESSION – to rehearse and Film the script written in Day 1

04:30pm         Editing, adding Surround Sound, music and Sound effects

04:45pm         Review of Movie scenes shot earlier & critique

05:00pm         END

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